Sanborn Analytics operates one of the largest maritime AIS hosting & drone surveillance networks in the world. Our current operations stretch from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific and covers 3 continents. We partner with some of the largest maritime tracking organizations in the world, such as Fleetmon of Germany, Marinetraffic of Greece,  Vesseltracker of Germany, NATO, and the U.S. Department of Defense. Our global partners, donors, and supporters make up the backbone and DNA of our organization. Let us know if we can help your organization with maritime AIS hosting, operations, surveillance, or research needs. Please view some of our current partners below;

Jakota GMBH Partnered since 2019
Marinetraffic Partnered since 2018
Wood Mackenzie Partnered since 2021
U.S. DOD Partnered since 2016

    NATO Partnered since 2020

         UN Partnered since 2016

     UK Partnered since 2023

            Partnered since 2019